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Monday, 02 April 2007 02:00
Autosampler AliasThe new DURATEC autosampler "Alias" is a high-end autosampler for LC and LC-MS using state of the art injection technology (Relative standard deviation 0.3%) with fast injection and wash cycles. Efficient needle wash eliminates carry-over. It handles well-plates and sample vials, open or sealed. Further options available are sample cooling and metal-free sampling.

Datasheet (View / Download )

Technical data

Injection range 1 µl - 5000µl (1µl increments)
Sampling technology Air-pressure assisted sample aspiration
  no sample-syringe contact
  fixed concentric air/sample needle pair
Sample capacity 2 well plates 96 or 384 (deep or shallow)
  96 vials with 1.5ml
  optionally 24 vials with 10ml
Injection precision RSD for injection volume > 10µl
  0.3 % full-loop
  0.5% partial loop
  1.0% µl-Pickup
Cycle time < 1min, including 300µl wash
Needle wash 1 solvent with programmable volume
Options Sample cooling (4°C)
  Metal-free sampling
  Reagent addition and mix
  6-port solvent selection valve

Manual (View / Download )