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Wednesday, 16 May 2007 16:59
DURAline Professional   

Designed for professional HPLC user the  DURAline "Professional" fulfills all performance requests and needs for an 24/7 usage. All devices of this fully automated system and all parameters are set and controlled by the software. The system consists of:

  • an autosampler (full or partial loop filling) with 96 vial positions
  • an isocratic HPLC pump 0202 (microanalytical, analytical or semiprep flow range)
  • an online degasser   (2 channels)
  • a photodiodearray detector (PDA)
  • the Chromatography-Software "Clarity" with PDA module
  • a solvent tableau for secure stand of the solvent bottles
  • a starter kit with security solvent bottles and waste can, fittings and tubings
Each system is available in stainless steel or PEEK version, for every flow range (microanalytical, analytical or semiprep).


Binary pump system (low or high pressure gradient mixer)

Quaternary pump system

Column selector

Thermostatted column selector

Datasheet (View / Download )