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Friday, 01 June 2012 01:00
nanopumpe-mini   The NanoPump-Mini delivers liquids in a precise, homogeneous stream without fluctuation. In principle the operation is achieved by control of two independent syringe drivers. While one syringe dispenses the fluid in a stroke the other syringe prepares its volume for the following stroke and a smooth transition in flow is guaranteed. The flow is without pulsation. Inlet and outlet valves are forced controlled and the pump is self priming. The possible flow rates cover a huge range. According to the pair of mounted syringes the flow rate can vary from 84 nanoliter per minute up to 75 milliliters per minute.

Instead of continuous metering you can also process a limited dispense by setting two of the three parameters (flow rate, volume and time). It is possible to control and monitor the NanoPump via a RS-232-interface but also with analogue or TTL signals via the I/O-port.

The basic version comes with a Windows-software  to operate the pump. For standalone mode an optional manual controller is connected. In addition to the pump functions both syringe drivers can be operated separately. This enables  many different liquid handling applications in the field of research, development, manufacturing and process engineering. Materials which are in contact with the pumped media are PTFE, Kel-F and glass, so that aggressive fluids can also be used.

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