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Sunday, 29 April 2007 14:18

 ml500quattrosmallThe 4-channel dispenser „Microlab Quattro“ is for simultaneous, precise metering of liquids in up to 4 channels. The syringe-driver allows to mount 1 up to 4 syringes. Base of the instrument is the renowned Microlab 500-series of Hamilton. Parts, which are wetted from liquids, are made of PTFE, Kel-F and glass. The Microlab Quattro is especially designed for sample-preparation in combination of 48- or 96-well-plate applications.

The instrument is controlled and monitored by a manual-contoller or by a software via RS-232-port of a PC. The memory of the controller can store up to 21 different metering-methods. A download method can be stored directly into the driver-unit, which allows to operate it without a controller or PC (except for method programming). A hand- or foot-switch is connected at the side of the case and triggers single steps or the complete run. As option a Windows-software enables simple, visually programming of methods for metering or dilution.

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