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Sunday, 29 April 2007 15:59

WellPlate FillerThe Wellplate filling station is designed to fill at once (within seconds) all positions of a (96 or 48) wellplate  with the same liquid. This is much more faster than using a pipette. A PSD/3 syringe drive (not shown in the picture) dispenses the liquid into the distribution plate and then into every single wellplate position. Wetted parts are made of PTFE, KEL-F and glass.

The syringe drive is available with syringe volumes between 12.5µl and 12.5ml. Quantity, repeating cycles and syringe speed is stored in the permanent EEPROM of the drive. The method is being started by pushing the start botton or by external contact. If selection of different liquids is required,  a distribution valve could be mounted on the syringe drive (instead of the stanard 2-way-valve).

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