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Monday, 16 April 2007 19:13

The syringe drive PSD/3 is made for applications requiring a linear laminar flow, as well as superb accuracy and precision with a wide range of syringe speeds.

  • superb accuracy and precision
  • up to 30.000 steps per stroke
  • integrated valve drive
  • syringe speed from 1 second to 1 hour for one stroke
  • short stroke syringes (12.5µl ... 12.5ml)
  • choice of different valves types

Datasheet (View / Download )


The syringe drive PSD/2 is made for industrial applications requiring a high precision and accurary and standard syringe speeds.

  • high precision and accuracy
  • up to 2.000 steps per stroke
  • integrated valve drive
  • syringe speed from  2 seconds to 1 minute for one stroke
  • standard syringes (25µl ... 25ml)
  • choice of different valves

Datasheet (View / Download )

Both drives have a serial interface (RS232) for communication. Up to 16 drives could be connected in a daisy chain. There is an EEPROM for storage of a method. The optionally software ML-Script is made for easy controll of the devices.